About Us

Smilebay Realties Limited is a real estate company based here in Lagos to act as a commissioned agent that connects real estate buyers to real estate developers and sellers here in Nigeria.

We were in cooperated in 2012 with CAC to legitimately assist real estate buyers and sellers in making sure that their real estate transactions are smooth and successful.

We have a team of realtors that's got a strong educational background in estate management which ensures that we are professionals in the business of buying and selling of properties as well as the application of new technologies and internet based real estate lead generation systems that ensures that we are able to successfully connect Direct buyers to legitimate and genuine real estate developers and direct sellers.

It is in our objective to set an example which will address the several unprofessional/less quality services in real estate agency which is a turn off to several real estate buyers and clients.

We are a very buyer friendly company that ensures that buyers are able to find their dream homes at all costs which makes us very flexible with agency fees as our agency fees are very buyer friendly.

Emails: smilebayng@icloud.com



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Chris Chukwuka (BS.c EST MGT)


Real estate investment company, Lagos Nigeria.